Designersbrain Guild

DG TAKANO’s DG is the abbreviation of “Deisngersbrain Guild.”

Designersbrain Guild is a group of people who strieve to achieve their dreams.
Each professional such as business operators, human resource directors,
product developers, production managers, system administrators,
accountants, or engineers get together and leverage their strength.

“I want to create an innovative institution thinking outside of the box.”

We are looking forward to form “Designersbrain Guild”
with the participants of BRAINCAMP
and accelerate innovation with them.

We will design our knowledge with the view point thought outside of the box, imagination and inspiration, and make innovation.
We will continue to make innovation not only for human but also for earth. We will make breakthrough toward issues/problems that nobody has ever solved, and actualize the harmony of human and earth with knowledge and breakthrough.