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Human Management System - DG TAKANO
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Human Management System


Keeping track of tasks and projects is an essential part of management, but excessive bureaucracy and documentation can quickly become a burden to an organisation.

Knowing how business hours are spent is important for identifying bottlenecks, but logging everything down is a bottleneck in and of itself. As DG TAKANO expanded, we encountered these kinds of issues firsthand. So, naturally, we decided to develop a software that would take care of tedious and routine tasks for us, while giving us more time to focus on accomplishing our dreams.
Our design philosophy was to create a system that is suited to the needs of individuals, people whose habits, workstyles and personalities are all unique. In other words, we targeted it at humans and left the routine, the repetitiveness and the rest of the machine-like tasks to, well, the machines.

Since the Human Management System was originally made for in-house use, eliminating redundancy and maximising usability was our first priority. After lots of feedback and improvement, including many first-time user testimonials, we have ironed out a smooth, intuitive UX with a minimal learning curve, thus allowing employees and managers alike to create, check and analyse work tasks in a quick and transparent manner.

We’re still putting some final touches on our Human Management System before we are ready to share it with the world, but we know it will help streamline your office as it has ours. We’ll keep you posted!

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