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DG TAKANO and DG SALES Exhibit at FABEX Kansai 2021 - DG TAKANO
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DG TAKANO and DG SALES Exhibit at FABEX Kansai 2021


DG TAKANO and our sister company, DG SALES, exhibited our Bubble90 water-saving nozzle at this year's FABEX Kansai, the largest food-related trade show in Western Japan. With over 24,000 participants and nearly 300 exhibitors, this year's FABEX Kansai took place between October 13 and 15 under increased COVID-19-security regulations.

We were happy to demonstrate #Bubble90's water-saving prowess live in front of customers and let them try out the power of pulsation flow for themselves. #Bubble90 is used by over 38,000 customers across Japan, including FABEX exhibitors such as restaurants, cafés, bakeries, butcheries and other food purveyors and producers, because of its ability to not only cut down water costs but also improve the speed and efficiency of cleaning and dishwashing. Find out more about FABEX Japan

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