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DG TAKANO and 6 other companies found City Lab Ventures, a community of sustainability-focused venture companies


We are pleased to announce the launch of City Lab Ventures, a community of venture companies whose main businesses contribute to sustainability! DG TAKANO is one of the six founding members, the other being: Shizen Energy Group Co. Ltd., TBM Co. Ltd., WEFABRIK Co. Ltd., Euglena Co. Ltd., Borderless Japan Co. Ltd., with the support of Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.

We will conduct joint events and/or meetings every month, with the goal of collaborating and pooling our resources together in large-scale projects that would be impossible to accomplish otherwise. We also plan to collaborate in recruitment and in attracting investments in the field of sustainability.

Members of City Lab Ventures will also hold meetings, events, and discussions with local governments, financial institutions, large corporations, venture capitalists, universities, think tanks, research institutions, and others. We are also open to any venture companies out there that are developing sustainable concepts, and would be very interested in assisting with mentorship and resources.

Our goal for this first year, is to accumulate experience and know-how as well as build a cohesive community. After that, we will expand to actively working together with local governments and overseas partners.

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