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DG TAKANO is invited to Minister Hirai’s exclusive pitch in Osaka


DG TAKANO took part in "HIRAI Pitch in Osaka", a round table panel organized by Japan's minister of Minister IT Policy, Takuya Hirai, with the purpose of establishing a dialogue between policy-makers, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Mr. Takano and other CEOs introduced their companies in short four-minute pitches, before moving on to the round table discussion. Mr. Hirai asked clarifying questions and then invited everyone to share their thoughts and opinions on present issues and future developments in the field of Japan’s knowledge capital, particularly in the Kansai area. The minister also welcomed suggestions and head ideas for areas that require the government’s attention.

The main topic brought up by Mr. Takano was the importance of design thinking, and the current lack thereof in Japanese education. He compared this lack of design thinking training with places such as America’s Silicon Valley or Asia’s Singapore, which emphasize and use it to great effect.

We are very thankful to Mr. Hirai for the opportunity to connect with him and many other enthusiastic and innovative people! We will make sure to keep the conversation going!
You can find further information about Mr. Hirai by clicking this link.

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