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Masaaki Takano - DG TAKANO
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Masaaki Takano

CEO and Founder

Masaaki’s experience embodies the vision of DG TAKANO as a company that creates the dreams of its members. He sets the strategic direction of our guild and decides the conceptual guidelines for our projects, but delegates a lot of the decision-making to the project leaders, favoring a laissez-faire style of management with limited supervision. His expertise in change management has led the company through several transformations, making DG TAKANO into what it is today.

Throughout the years, Masaaki has been featured on Japanese TV dozens of times, appearing on virtually every major channel. He has earned awards for entrepreneurship, product development, leadership, and innovation. Most recently, he was named one of the “50 Japanese people who move the world” by Nikkei Business, Japan’s largest business publication. His invention, the Bubble90, has received priority support by the Japan Patent Office, and has since been patented worldwide, including most of Southeast Asia and Europe, USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and others.

In an environment where 40% of the startups fail within their first year, and 95% fail within the next 10, Masaaki’s strategic leadership has made DG TAKANO into a successful company that can favourably compare to larger enterprises. His vision has earned our company numerous awards, such as “100 Fastest Growing Startups In Japan”, “10 Best Companies That Create The Future”, “Company With Most Engaged Workforce”, “Gold Ecotech Award”, and many others.

Despite being born into a family of business owners, Masaaki decided to follow his own path and joined an IT company after graduating from Kobe University. That’s when he got the idea for a water-saving nozzle and, together with his father, Yoshiyuki Takano, developed the Bubble90 in only a year, without any formal engineering education. In 2010, having won the prize for the best product made in all of Japan, he created his own company - Designers’ Guild, separate from his father’s company, Takano Seikousha, and began his journey as a solo entrepreneur. The two companies merged only three years ago, becoming known as DG TAKANO.

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