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Amro Osman - DG TAKANO
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Amro Osman

Global sales and Marketing, focusing on the MENA area

Amro’s dream is to improve the quality of life in Africa and the Middle East by introducing them to Japanese technology. He has a keen understanding of both the Japanese and the various Middle Eastern cultures, born out of his vast experience living and working in both environments.

Originally from Cairo, Egypt, Amro graduated from the University of Cairo’s Japanese Language Department. He first came to Japan in 2002, in order to continue his studies at the Osaka University for Foreign Studies. He graduated with a diploma in Japanese language, which he immediately put to use working as a coordinator and interpreter on Japanese construction projects in Algeria. While there, he often had to bridge not only the language but also the cultural gap, a task that he found both challenging and uniquely rewarding.

But cultures and languages are not the only things Amro is good at. Prior to joining DG TAKANO, he worked as an overseas sales representative for Japanese companies, introducing staple products of the Japanese entertainment industry to the Middle East for the very first time.

Understanding Japanese culture has its perks, and Amuro certainly knows how to relax like a native. He enjoys visiting Japanese onsen (hot springs) and eating local cuisine such as okonomiyaki. His hobbies are reading and cycling, the latter of which comes in handy for avoiding the Tokyo rush hour.

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