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Kazuya Washitani - DG TAKANO
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Kazuya Washitani

Kazuya is an all-round personality and a man of many talents, which makes him perfect for the role of general manager. Before joining DG TAKANO, he worked as a freelance consultant, accountant, and financial auditor. In these capacities, he has worked with us many times in the past five years before permanently joining the company in 2018.

While most of us focus on environmental issues, Kazuya’s mind is on the societal ones, particularly, on the loneliness epidemic in modern high-tech societies. His dream is to shape the mall of the future into a space where communal bonds and new friendships can flourish. He believes technology can actually foster social bonds instead of destroying them and says, “When I was young, I recall lots of small shops and restaurants along my street, I would know most of the owners and recognise many of the people who went there, and I could always just talk to others and make connections. I feel this atmosphere is lost today, especially in modern shopping places, and I want to recreate it in a new way.”

When he’s not busy working, Kazuya likes reading in quiet. He usually finishes one or two books per month, but as DG TAKANO prepares to launch products overseas, he’s doubtful if he’ll have the time to keep it up.

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