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Sonia Muradia - DG TAKANO
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Sonia Muradia

Research and Development

Sonia joins us from the world of academia in order to “develop products that will solve the environmental issues I’m passionate about.” To say she has fit well into our company culture would be an understatement. Her motivation is electrifying and impossibly contagious, and her spirited attitude dominates project work. If Mr. Takano is our leader, then Sonia is our cheer-leader!

Sonia got her Ph.D. from Shizuoka University, where she later did research on various water-related topics. At DG TAKANO, she leads our Green Cleaning Technology team, and her vision has transformed the project into what it is today. Her big dream, however, is to improve the living conditions and the environmental situation in her home city of Delhi - a plan that she plans to enact in the later part of 2020 with the help of the local government.

In her free time, Sonia likes to connect with her local community and even volunteers to teach English to the children in her neighbourhood. When she’s not doing any of that, she tries to squeeze in as much time with her young son as possible, as well as cook some delicious curry.

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