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Mr. Takano is a Panellist at “ENGINE, a Meet-up for the Future of Japan” - DG TAKANO
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Mr. Takano is a Panellist at “ENGINE, a Meet-up for the Future of Japan”


Yesterday, July 24, Mr. Takano was a featured panelist at "Engine, a meet-up for the future of Japan", a symposium co-organised by the Japan Business Federation, the Ministry of Finance, the Financial Services Agency, and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

SMEs, start-ups, and large corporations collaborating together to create innovation was one of the central topics of discussion throughout the event. As a panelist, Mr. Takano pointed out the importance of having an equal relationship between small and large companies as well as the significance of design thinking for any organisation. Both of these, he explained, are necessary for a win-win relationship that can facilitate innovation.

“It was a pleasant surprise to meet so many other people who were also enthusiastic about improving Japan.” Mr. Takano said, “The areas that the other speakers and I are working in are quite diverse, so our ideas and the issues we focused on were also different, but it was clear we all shared the same ambition and I was very glad to have made their acquaintance.”

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