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Mr. Takano was a panelist at NEST KANSAI 2019


Mr. Takano was a panelist at NEST KANSAI 2019. NEST, which stands for New Economic Summit, is a business conference on innovation, entrepreneurship, and globalisation. NEST KANSAI explored the region’s economic performance in the face of changing global trends, as well as its appeal to foreign companies and investors.

The Kansai region, and Osaka in particular, has traditionally been characterised by a large number of small and medium-sized companies; many of these family-owned businesses are currently experiencing a crisis of succession, and Mr. Takano has frequently engaged in discussions concerning the issue.

Speaking on a panel for owners who successfully took their family businesses in a new direction, Mr. Takano spoke about the importance of risk-taking in the modern age. “When taking over a business with a long history, it’s always tempting to play it safe and keep doing what your predecessors have done.” he said. “But we live in a very different time from our parents, and we must adapt to it if we are to be successful. To be competitive on the global stage, we must try out new things, take advantage of the processes that are going on in the world, and worry less about the potential of failure. It’s no coincidence that the motto of the Silicon Valley, home of the world's biggest and most successful startups, is, ‘It’s important to fail early.’”

The event also included panels about GovTech and the potential of 5G networks for business development. Finally, audience members could approach the panelists at an informal networking session.

DG TAKANO would like to thank the organiser, the Japan Association for New Economy, for bringing such important topics into public discourse and providing a space for unorthodox ideas to thrive. More information about NEST KANSAI 2019 can be found on their official website.

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