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Bubble90 for Restaurants - DG TAKANO
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Bubble90 for Restaurants


Every restaurant owner or manager knows that their establishment uses up the largest amount of water not in the process of cooking, but in other tasks, such as defrosting, cleaning and washing dishes. All of those tasks have one thing in common: they don’t actually require large volumes of water, only higher cleaning power.

The Bubble90 is uniquely suited for these tasks, offering a 95% water-saving capacity and a significant boost to detergency. Nevertheless, we recognise that every restaurant has its own unique set of circumstances, and we are prepared to accommodate them. Depending on where the Bubble90 will be used (the faucet’s location) and the purpose it will serve (dishwashing, defrosting, cooking, etc.), we can recommend one of three distinct models to ensure maximum efficiency. Our sales team has ample experience working with restaurants of any size and type, and they would be happy to visit your location and recommend you the Bubble90 configuration that is best suited for your unique situation. As a result, most of our customers in the catering industry can achieve ROI in 3 to 6 months after the initial product installation.

We are proud to count many Japanese household names amongst our customers. Some of them include GIFT. INC, KUSHIKATSU TANAKA CO., DAITAN GROUP (Fuji soba), TEN ALLIED Co. Ltd., PRONTO Corporation, and Pepper Food Service Co.

If you are interested in getting a quotation, or would like to inquire about more about the Bubble90 in the context of the catering industry, please feel free to reach out to us:

Phone: +81-6-7492-3466
The effect of the Bubble90 can be seen illustrated in a graph on DG SALES’ website

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