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Mr. Takano is a Panelist at the 2020 Global IP Strategy Forum - DG TAKANO
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Mr. Takano is a Panelist at the 2020 Global IP Strategy Forum


On January 28, Mr. Takano was invited to speak at the 2020 Global IP Strategy Forum. An annual event co-organised by the Japan Patent Office, the Forum attracts more than a thousand participants every year.

The main discussion this year revolved around the relationship between regional and global innovation in today’s increasingly interconnected and rapidly changing world. Open innovation, the role and use of IP in global branding, as well as various other features of the contemporary IP landscape were also commented on, with representatives of startups, SMEs, large corporations, and financial institutions contributing their unique experiences and perspectives.

Speaking on the subject of bringing regionally successful innovations to the global arena, Mr. Takano pointed out that speedy and decisive acquisition of patents is of key importance for small companies.
“An IP strategy is what makes or breaks a startup,” he said, drawing up examples from DG TAKANO’s own recent history, “strong patents and good contracts have the potential to put even a small company on an equal footing with much larger players, so these are things that you absolutely have to get right.”

As always, the event concluded with a networking session. On behalf of Mr. Takano, we would like to thank everyone who reached out to him that during or after that session. More information regarding the 2020 Global IP Strategy Forum can be found here.

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