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Kentaro Hayashi - DG TAKANO
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Kentaro Hayashi


Kentaro is a trilingual (Japanese, English and Mandarin Chinese), achievement-driven CS major with a passion for making things, both hardware and software. He currently joins our R&D team on a part-time basis while completing his studies in Human-Computer Interaction at Tokyo University, before becoming a full-time member.

With such qualifications, Kentaro could join any number of Japan’s tech giants, yet he choose DG TAKANO. In his own words, what drove him to this decision was that, ‘I wasn’t interested in merely trading my time for money; what I was interested in was the opportunity to build things from scratch and realise my own ideas. DG not only gave me that opportunity, but also the guidance and resources necessary to succeed.’

Kentaro’s desire is to make things that improve people’s lives in a real, tangible way. ‘That’s what attracted me to CS in the first place,’ he explains. ‘The robotics club, which I initially joined, was more about competition and exhibition, while I wanted to do something that will have a direct, positive impact. I think that software, and particularly VR and AR technologies, have the potential to profoundly change the way we do things, and I want to use them to make daily life more convenient and less stressful.’

As far as he remembers, Kentaro had always been passionate about building things. He started playing with Legos and model trains back in preschool and built his first robot, a Roomba-like cleaning robot, when he was still in middle school.
Presently, apart from DG TAKANO’s R&D projects, he also works with other Tokyo University students on projects such as TenAll, an AI-powered table tennis coaching app, SyncLamp, a long-distance communication IoT tool, built into an LED lamp, and LastContact, an avant-garde trash can, which visualises the moment things are thrown away in order to raise awareness of pollution. You can read more about these and other of Kentaro’s projects in the links below: See All of Kentaro’s Projects Here

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