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Hiring: Engineer / CNC Machine specialist / Plant manager


Location: Higashiosaka, Osaka Prefecture

You want to work at DG TAKANO because:

Our product and customer portfolios have expanded significantly. In order to keep up with the increased demand, our production team must expand as well.

The Bubble90 is an incredibly complex product to produce from a manufacturing standpoint, and it’s not the only one. DG TAKANO still makes gas cocks for the needs of the industry, and those, too, require extreme precision. Needless to say, our future projects, will not be simple products either. For these reasons, we are looking for a quick learner with machining background to join our production team.

Last but not least, we need your specialised insight for new product development. DG TAKANO’s core strength is the ability to create unique niche products, by applying design thinking to environmental and societal issues. That means we explore issues from a variety of perspectives and without predetermined notions. Your engineering/machining perspective will be vital in this process.

If you’re motivated to improve and you like challenges, then you are just the person we need!

You are:

·experienced in working with CNC machines, and/or have an engineering degree, and/or other similar qualification(s).
·extremely driven and eager to learn.
·receptive to feedback and are ready to challenge yourself with machining tasks of high complexity.
·a person with an aptitude for machining and/or machining tools.

You can stand out if you:

·have a dream related to your field, or a product idea you want to realise
·have a passion for all things mechanical.
·are interested in robotics.
·enjoy working with machines and find satisfaction in tinkering with or constructing various mechanical devices.
·are handy with mechanical and non-mechanical tools.

What you need in order to apply:

·resume in English or Japanese, and working proficiency in either
·cover letter
·ability to work full-time onsite at our plant in Higashiosaka, Osaka prefecture

DG TAKANO is an equal opportunity employer - if your qualifications hold up, we wouldn’t bat an eye if you were an alien from another planet.
All Applications should be submitted to our contact email address.

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