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Hiring: Researcher


We need you because:

We need your unique perspective and skills in order to create the future together.

And yes, we need them in that order. Why? Because the core strength of DG TAKANO is the ability to develop unique, niche products from scratch. To do that, we first apply design thinking in order to redefine the existing paradigm around an issue and then identify alternative solutions that were not apparent without a deep level of understanding. That’s where you come in. In order to achieve that deep level of understanding, it is imperative that we see the issue from many different perspectives, free from preconceptions. We need a person with a strong research background to think about selected issues from the unique perspective of your research field, but in an iterative, solution-based manner (for which we will provide the necessary coaching).

But it’s one thing to come up with a revolutionary concept, a different thing entirely to create it in practice, and even more difficult still - to make it commercially viable. We need you to help us develop revolutionary concepts into great products. To do that, you must be able to focus on the practical implications of your research and its impact on people’s lives. If you’re up to the challenge, you’re the person we’re looking for!

You want to work at DG TAKANO because:

The previous section was all about developing profitable products, and we think it’s only fair if you get a share of those profits upon successful commercialisation. Additionally, we offer to support your viable project ideas with all the resources at our disposal. DG TAKANO offers a challenging work environment, where your opinions matter (see Our Way for more information). Company rules are decided by all members, and you can expect to be partial to all decisions that will impact your work. You will be able to perform a variety of tasks, set your own milestones and work independently, as well as learn and develop an array of new skills. We work in a consistent, goal-driven manner, so once a decision is made, you can always expect results. As long as progress is made, we also allow for a flexible work schedule. Our dynamic, performance-based evaluation system has clear advancement criteria and offers the opportunity to significantly increase your base salary each month.

Last but not least, we offer a truly international workplace. Our guild has a variety of members from many different countries, such as Egypt, China, Canada, Russia, and others. Our team environment is very cohesive, and you can always count on getting the assistance you need.

You are:

·an experienced research professional in either of the following fields: water or wastewater treatment, renewable energy, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or similar fields. We also welcome researchers outside these fields, if they have specific ideas they want to realise.
·holder of a masters or a doctoral degree relative to one of the abovementioned fields.
·open-minded and receptive of feedback, good at communicating and sharing your ideas with a team.
·able to work with minimum supervision and make value judgements about your work by yourself.
·able to set realistic deadlines and milestones for yourself, and deliver work in a time-bound manner that is consistent with the best practices in your field.
·comfortable with all aspects of research-based work.

You can stand out if you:

·You have a dream, relative to your field, that you really want to realise.
·You care about environmental issues and are passionate about solving them.
·You have experience working in small teams, and in a project-based, result-driven manner.
·You are passionate about your field and you keep in touch with the latest trends and innovations.
·You are interested in and/or empathetic towards the future users of the product you’re developing.

What you need in order to apply:

·Resume in English or Japanese, and working proficiency in either
·Cover letter
·Ability to work full-time onsite at our headquarters in Tokyo, Ueno

DG TAKANO is an equal opportunity employer - if your qualifications hold up, we wouldn’t bat an eye if you were an alien from another planet. All Applications should be submitted to our contact email address.

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