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We empower our members to harness the power of their dreams What is it that gives meaning to our coming to work each day if not our dreams? Expressions of our hopes and beliefs, dreams inspire and drive us to exceed our own limitations. At DG TAKANO, the dreams of our members become the company goals and projects; the guild itself - a vessel for our ambition.

“But is this feasible?” logic dictates one wonder. There are, after all, a lot of people in a company, and all of them can have diverging dreams; if each pursued their own, would that not result in chaos? Would it not diminish productivity?

“But,” we would submit to you, “people pursue their dreams anyways, be it through their work or in spite of it.”
If one could truly glean all the business hours lost to daydreaming, one would surely look to harness that energy as we have. Actually, all the most successful companies have found a way to do just that; it’s how they became successful in the first place (spilling trade secrets here). That’s because dream-chasing is not a zero-sum game: when one’s dream becomes company policy, all the energy that went into just thinking about it can be converted into purposeful action. Imagine the possibilities! Hint: all major advancements in the fields of business, science, art, technology, etc. have been made by people passionately following their dreams.

Still, the matter of logistics bears addressing: how does DG TAKANO accommodate multiple diverging dreams? The same way any major company balances multiple projects - we set priorities. As an organisation, we focus on a few projects at a time, with all the other members planning their own dreams in the background. The success of the current project becomes a cornerstone for the next. The revenue from one successful product enables the development of another three. Each completed dream ties into the next, becomes a link in our “chain of dreams”. The more any member contributes to current dreams, the sooner we will work on theirs.

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