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Passion is the best source of motivation. Learn about the passions that drive our members The dictionary definition of a guild is, “an association of people who share similar interests or pursuits.” Nowadays, the word is primarily used in online video games to denote large groups of players who cooperate to achieve certain objectives within the game. While we at DG TAKANO do not slay monsters or hunt treasures as they do, we do share common goals and objectives that we pursue with as much enthusiasm as any passionate gamer.

In order to achieve such intense passion, we first had to ask ourselves: what exactly is play, as opposed to work, and why do we spend sleepless nights engaged in games but dread the coming of Monday? The famous American writer, Mark Twain, once defined work as what you don’t want to do but get paid for, and play - as what you want to do but don’t get paid for. Yet what is it that makes people want to do one thing and scorn another? We believe the answers are, purpose and engagement. In other words, doing something you believe in, that has a clear payoff in the end.

With that in mind, our guild’s philosophy is simple: we think people are at their best when they pursue a goal they’re deeply passionate about. So instead of keeping track of every single business hour, we make sure our employees have clear-cut objectives, and that these “quests” aligns with their personal goals, dreams and ambitions. It is a process that begins with the first interview, and results in every member of the Guild being personally invested in what they do. When we walk into the office each morning, we know that what we do that day matters, and that the better we do it, the closer we get to our own dreams. Those dreams are, of course, different for each person. You can read more about our members and their aspirations in the articles below.

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